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Connecting the dots


Talk with your family or loved ones and make sure a transition is appropriate for your needs. During this time let us discover your wishes and set to fulfill your desires.

If you’re ready to embark on this great journey, we are ready to connect!


From what we gather during the initial connection, we are able to identify key characteristics that help our advisors understand your senior’s personalized wants, values and preferred living model. Through our assessment we guarantee the ideal match.

Visit Facility

With a trusted Certified Senior Advisor, facility tours will be scheduled on your behalf if desired. Alleviating the stress that comes with the back and forth of tedious searching.

Sort & Organize

Through the years we collect possessions that hold sentimental value, and with Cleo’s Connections, a Certified Transition & Relocation Specialist will assist you with sorting, downsizing, and disposing of items that are no longer needed to continue this new chapter.

Get Involved

We follow up with your senior 48 hours after final transition, and again with both the family and senior 30 days following. We want to make sure all parties are satisfied and happy with this important life decision. If there is an issue, we will work to provide a solution. Our job is not complete until you feel compatible and content with your connection.

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Independent Living
Allows you to live freely in a community of people that share similar values & characteristics
Assisted Living Communities
Provides the comfort of assistance while meeting physical and social needs
Memory Care
Provides physical and social support to those with Dementia and Alzheimers
In-Home Care
Non-medical care provided by licensed professionals in the comfort of your own home

Let's Get You Connected!

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